In three different categories, you find my services, accompanied with a selection of work from the past 6 years.

The SEED IMAGES (Solar Archetypes, Plant Spirits + Soul Portraits) are made on paper, mostly thick Papyrus, with egg tempera, oil crayons and oil paint. The work is purchasable as unicum. The prices range from € 750,- up to € 1.650,- (excl. framing), depending on the format.

The DIGITAL COLLAGES are created, by combining the SEED IMAGES with photography. Those are purchasable as high-resolution ART PRINTS. The price depends on format and material. The range is more or less between € 35 and € 600.

our trades


Those unique images are made in co-creation with the portrayed spirit-archetypes. The seed images, we create, are holding symbolic information about a balanced flow and harmonious, peaceful vibe regarding the energy, governed by the archetype. Feeding and supporting the process of archetypal embodiment, is our wish. With our imagery we want to exude balance, unity and power to remember. You see here a selection of a bigger range of archetypes.

our trades


In these digital images, I combine the painted archetypes with worldly settings. I photograph places/ moments of daily life that hold a whiff of magic or spirit presence. Bringing both realities together, a physical presence of spirit in daily life becomes recognized. The intention is, to be an active part in the process, of integrating magic and archetypal energy in our collective reality.

Our specialty


A commissioned portrait is co-created with your Archetype and specially channeled for you, through a process of divination. The Portrait is filled with symbols that reflect your specific connection with life and celebrate your uniqueness; embedded within the shared unity common to all human and beyond-human-kind. It’s your personal divination tool and a modern icon of your holiness.