I studied Graphic Design/ Monumental Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and was pursuing an artistic career when my inner perception shifted to the energy body by a sudden Kundalini Awakening. I stepped out of the art establishment and started to focus on Kundalini Yoga while slowly building up a whole new visual language matching my inner perception.

Yoga became my backbone and bridge to other dimensions, timelines and people. Astrology, the 13 Moon Calendar and Tarot are my main mind-tools for extensive research and investigation into the symbolic language and collective myth of our world soul.

Next to making Art, Iโ€™m giving yoga -sessions, -workshops and -trajectories. Itโ€™s all about sharing the magic of natural alignment and interconnectedness.

Furthermore, I started in 2011 to offer an annual course at the Amsterdam University of Arts at the department of SNDO (School for New Dance Development).

I am working on a book about cyclic living. With this creative workbook, I bring moon wisdom in correlation with art, archetypes, astrology, yoga and plant medicine.

A perfect, Ritual moment to feed our soul




Yoga has been my backbone since 18 years. With the use of this technique I align and more or less regulate transformation and evolvement. I use it to connect to the bigger energy streamsย  and rejoice. Once a week I offer an online YOGA experiences to my tribe to become part of this experience. In this sessions I connect all of us with the NATURAL RHYTHMS, KUNDALINI and ENERGY BODY.