Soul Portraits

  • The actual making of the portrait is instinctive-intuitive. I receive the symbols of the picture by connecting myself with your HIGHER SELF/ SOULT TREE. In the past 2 decades I mastered my gift of ‘conceiving visions’ with yoga and meditation. Creating an authentic visual language, that is in tune with our collective image bank, was another endeavor that took about 2 decades.
  • After finishing the picture I start writing. I share the experience of the visual creative process. I intertwine the feeling orientated experiences with the explanation of the symbols and astrological information. The astrological information is gathered out of evolutionary astrology and an astrological mandala which gives great pointers towards the essence of the energies your soul chose for expression.
  • OPTIONS: I like to co-create and believe that apparent wishes or needs have a deep value and can help to provide the nurturance and communication needed for the time ahead. Meaning, if you have special wishes, I’m open to listen and connect with it.
  • FORMATS: Small: 58 x 76 cm, 320gr or 640gr white paper. Big: 75 x 106 cm, 320gr or 640gr white paper.
  • MATERIALS: White Aquarel paper, egg tempera and oil crayons, oil paint.
  • PRICE SMALL PORTRAIT€ 1450,-. The examples you see on the right side are both small.
  • PRICE BIG PORTRAIT € 2100,- (excl. shipping, packaging and framing).
  • PART OF THE FEE can also be paid by exchange 🙂
  • SPECIAL WISHES regarding material or size are possible, but can ad to the price.
  • ACCOMPANYING TEXT 9–11 pages. Language: Dutch or English.
  • LIFE OR ONLINE MEETING: Within 1 hour we investigate together, what the portrait, symbols and astrology are telling you.
  • REQUIRED INFORMATION: Your date and place of birth + time of birth if available.
  • TIMESPAN OF CREATION: The process needs more or less five weeks in total. Shipping time comes on top of this.

    “Every day I enjoy my soul portrait of Anne. The portrait connects and fulfills (confirms) my daily decisions on my life path in beauty, gratitude and love.”

  • “I was very moved by the reception of the work, and I am still deeply moved whenever I look at it. Striking in image and meaning. Thus, a huge support on my life path. It feels like carrying it every day under my arm with me.”

  • “I am very, very thankful for the interpretation of my elementary powers. The design is wonderful. In the very detailed explanation Anne raises an awful lot of substantial topics. Very impressive. I shall chew on it for a long time.”

More testimonials

“The first time I saw the portrait I had tears in my eyes. Never before had I felt myself seen like this. The portrait is very dear to me. I had communication with the portrait and gained a precious insight about myself and with it, new space for growth. I am very grateful to Anne for a very beautiful portrait and more importantly for the source of self-knowledge she has given me.”

“Anne is such a powerful, soft and beautiful presence. You don’t just get a soul portrait; you get a chance to experience her beautiful energy as well. When I saw the painting, she made of my soul I was in awe. It was emotional, wonderful, and amazing. It’s not just a painting, it’s a journey into your past, present and future.

“I think it’s wonderful, powerful, and I often take the time to look at it. For inspiration and strength. The design really suits me, I recognize myself in the different elements and qualities of the totems. And it feels like a real invitation to actually dare to show my skills and beauty to the world. Furthermore I find it a perfect match in terms of colour in my home, even though Anne had never seen my interior!”

“We are very pleased with the portraits made by Anne. Without ever having seen and known us, she gave beautifully form to our spiritual selves. We felt deeply moved when we saw our portraits for the first time. And what she put on paper… it’s exactly right! It is a wonderful gift she received.”

“I thought it was a wonderful present for my child, to receive a painting she can meditate on when she needs and that can be with her throughout her life. A reminder, of who she is and the path she chose in life and a guide and reminder also to us to be better parents and to support her on the path she has chosen for herself in this life. This is the reason why I asked Anne to make a painting for our daughter. The day we received the painting we were overjoyed. It was such a beautiful, strong and colourful image. The text we received with it was very detailed and explained every aspect of the astrology and numerology and the path she has chosen for herself. We are very grateful to have this soul portrait as a guide in our lives.”